Price of EOS

Real-time information on the price of EOS

$ 2.87 0.63%

Market capitalization

$ 2,813,654,629

Volume (24h)

$ 340,008,754

In circulation

$ 981,184,611 EOS
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Information of EOS

EOS is a decentralized operational system for developing and running smart contracts and decentralized applications. Those applications can run on the EOS blockchain without requiring any transaction fees. Instead, the developer needs only to stake a proportional amount of EOS tokens to host and execute applications on its blockchain. Therefore, it allows for self-sufficient application deployment. The amount of computational power one is entitled to is proportional to how many EOS tokens they’re holding and the total EOS in circulation.

Applications run smoother on EOS because of its parallel processing capability. It has a dPoS system, in which 21 elected nodes are elected as block producers. These nodes are constantly checked for availability and if they are unable to produce a block over a 24h time-span, their position is revoked.

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Price history of EOS

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Historical Price for EOS

Data from EOS

EOS is a cryptocurrency with a price of $ 2.87 and a market capital of $ 2,813,654,629. The price of EOS has changed a 0.63% in the last 24 hours. It is positioned as the number 57 cryptocurrency having a market volume of $ 340,008,754.

Currently one EOS has a price of  $ 2.87. The price of EOS is constantly changing, in the last 24 hours the price has changed by 0.63%.

EOS’s price has changed in the last 7 days by 5.8%.

You can buy EOS on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance. On these platforms the commissions to buy EOS are very low.